Getting round to reading

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 08 October 2016, Johannesburg, South Africa, Nama Hatta Lecture, Bhagavad-gita 9.10)

Prabhupada wrote so many books and some people never read much more than a Whatsapp message! They never get around to finishing the Bhagavatam.

Even after nine years in Krsna consciousness, they are still reading the ninth chapter of the first canto. If they go at this pace of one chapter a year then they might not make it because Bhagavatam has something like 355 chapters, which means you would have to become 355 years old, which is maybe not going to happen and in that case, you might never finish the Bhagavatam!

What happens then… are you then lost forever? Fortunately not. When we hear Bhagavatam from those who have read Bhagavatam and particularly from the great self-realized souls who have read Bhagavatam, they will tell us the essence of Bhagavatam.

Remote Viewing Revealed: Uri Geller speaks out


In 1998 the CIA ended its research into the intelligence-gathering and espionage potential of ‘remote viewing.’ It had been running since 1973. The research was to study the ability of certain people to see pictures and objects at a distance – without using their eyes. 25 years is a long time for a government agency to investigate what many called a ‘spurious psychic phenomenon.’

A quarter of a century suggests that someone, somewhere, thought it was indeed worth investigating, and that the results from laboratories such as Stanford, one of the universities where the remote viewing was conducted, was actually coming up with tangible results.

Typically a ‘psychic’ would be asked to describe, or reproduce, a drawing being made by a ‘target’ at a remote location. There was no prior contact between them, and no connections at all during the experiment. Yet the results were remarkable, with detailed drawings made in the lab that accurately reproduced the original. The repeated observatory powers of the laboratory psychics seemed to suggest to the scientists that the power of the mind to see is not limited by the eyes.

But how could that be? The working model for neurologists is that the mind is a function of the brain, and that the power of sight is therefore limited to direct perception of an object through the medium of light waves entering the eye. That being so, the results of ‘remote-viewing’ should have been statistically random. But they weren’t. In many cases the experiments showed that the psychics could ‘see’ with startling accuracy.

One such person, it has just been revealed, was the spoon-bending Uri Geller, whose story of CIA-sponsored experiments can now be told.


My first experience saving a bull in Vrindavan

Vrindavan, 2017.01.19 (Raaseshwari Dasi): On the day of Makar Sankranti, I saw a young bull in Loi Bazar. He was walking with extreme difficulty because one of his legs was broken. When I saw him, immediatelly I felt the call in my heart – “you help him.” As always, I followed the voice of my heart.

So I called some “cow helpers” and “cow ambulance” but I was not successful on that day. Nobody came. So I just went back home. The next day I searched for that bull in Loi Bazar, and I couldn’t find him. But that night at around 8pm I saw him along with other cows, getting ready to spend the cold winter night in the street. My heart cried, and I was feeling so impotent for not getting help for him on that day. I fed him with a little gur (jaggery) and I promised that the next day I would, by any means, get help for him. I paid my pranams to him and left him along with the cows in the street.

photo_0170191424ivwguhThe local people told me that the bull was injured by a man on a motorcycle one week ago. Nobody did anything to help the bull, what to speak of punishment for the guy who did it. This is the unfortunate situation of cows in Vraj, especially the bulls. They take birth just to make another mother cow who will give milk to feed humans. The baby bulls will never get to drink enough milk for themselves, and later they will be put out to spend the rest of their lives on the roads eating rubbish. Believe it or not – this is the scene in in Vrindavan during Kaliyug.

Today I found the bull lying down taking in the rays of the morning sunrise, to get warm after the cold night. He was not accepting food. He was feeling really annoyed with his pain. I sat down to caress him, and when I put my hand on his broken leg something happened. With his mouth the bull pressed my hand against his leg, like wanting my hand to be there giving him warmth or some reiki. It was really touching to my heart. So keeping my hand there I called Care for Cows again to ask for the ambulance service. Fortunately I got the attention of Mr. Keshi Nisudan, who came to see the bull.

When he reached the spot he took one look at the bull and called for the ambulance. While we were waiting for it to arrive, I was shocked seeing how the people in the street behaved with the bull… pushing him with the wheel of a motorcycle to make way… kicking him. Many times I had to shout at those men in distress. They did not care if the bull was hurt; they went on driving with so much passion in their heads, that they didn’t even remember that the cows and bulls are divine beings.

After some time, the cow ambulance came! So my bull went inside it. It was a long operation, but I felt glad at the end because he went to the Care for Cows goshala (cow sanctuary) to be treated by a specialist and heal his injured leg. From now on he will live in the goshala. So I am feeling really glad. After some days I will go to see him again. I named my bull “Bholanath” – the name of Mahadev, who is so loving with the bulls. The personal transport of lord Shiva is a bull named Nandi. So Lord Shiva has special affection for bulls.

Now I am looking for somebody who would like to sponsor Bolanath for the rest of his life. It wil cost 30 dollars a month. Please, if you are interested, let me know. The Care for Cows organization in Vrindavan is taking care of more than 500 bulls and cows collected from the streets of Vrindavan. It was founded by a great devotee of Krishna and lover of cows Sripad Kurmarupa Prabhu, who left this world 2 years ago.

Jai Govinda, Jai Gopal
Jai Bholanath!!!

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Living on Grace

Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Deva Goswami on the deeper understanding of the six loving exchanges.

We can increase our attraction and love for a sadhu by giving him raw items and by accepting his prasadam—to give and to take. To give items to be utilized by him, and to accept whatever is necessary for ourselves, but nothing new.

We won’t try to take anything new, but we will wish only for something which has been used by the guru and Vaisnavas, whether it be a garland, clothes, decorations, or whatever. We shall try to live by the remnants of the Vaisnavas. We shall present new things to the sadhus, and we shall try to live by their remnants.

Guhyam akhyati—I should reveal my innermost feelings to the sadhu: “From my innermost heart I feel these many particular things within me. Are these feelings good or bad? And if bad, what is the remedy?” We shall place our inner heart before him so he may examine and proceed accordingly.

Prcchati—we shall inquire from the sadhu, “What is the secret of your holy life? Please tell me and I shall try to follow that example in order to get out of my present circumstances. In your case how did you gain relief?” We shall try to collect the secrets of success of life from a sadhu.

Bhunkte bhojayate caiva—we shall feed him, and accept his prasadam.

If we follow the above guidelines we shall come closer to a person. If we deal in these ways with a bad man we shall become bad, and with a good man we shall become good. There are two types of water: filtered and filthy. Filthy water can be purified. The higher sadhus can take evil thoughts from others without becoming contaminated. In their hearts resides Govinda. Govinda is infinite and he can consume any quantity of filthy things, therefore their hearts cannot be contaminated.

The six loving exchanges:

dadati pratigrhnati guhyam akhyati prcchati
bhunkte bhojayate caiva sad-vidham priti-laksanam

“Offering gifts in charity, accepting charitable gifts, revealing one’s mind in confidence, inquiring confidentially, accepting prasadam, and offering prasadam are the six symptoms of love shared by one devotee and another.”

Krsna first

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Untitled Lecture)

Sometimes, we get so caught up in external practices that we are still not remembering Krsna – we wear tilak for years, we hear and chant for years, we serve in a temple and yet we are not really thinking of Krsna as our first priority. Every day, we hear in a lecture how Krsna is the ultimate goal and how he is the priority but still we have so many other considerations – our position in the temple, how people are dealing with us, where do I fit, how am I going to be part of it all and so on rather than just remembering that our priority is Krsna!

The material world is an unreliable place! You never know, just when everything seems to be nicely arranged then suddenly something happens, the whole thing gets turned upside down, and the unexpected comes. What can we say, this is the nature of the material world!

Other times we are in a predictable routine. Prabhupada was explaining one verse which describes how a person is serving the senses, how a person is dedicating his life to his master, the senses, but neither the senses nor the person are satisfied. This is the nature of the material world we are serving that we are not satisfied and it will always be like this until we serve Krsna, until we become absorbed in serving Krsna, until Krsna is first. For the rest, you never know what is going to happen, there is no perfect material situation!

So in spiritual life even when we have a nice arrangement of living in a temple, if we don’t put Krsna first then we can cheat ourselves of a whole lifetime of what we think is Krsna consciousness! Actually we are still not really Krsna consciousness – we are kind of sniffing at Krsna consciousness and we are not really getting into it, not really getting absorbed. Krsna consciousness is very nice and attractive but we are not fully diving into it.

It is really not enough to just join a club or to be part of a temple! Sooner or later we come to that point, you can take 30 or 50 years and wait till you’re really old and then you think, “Well, maybe, finally… I’ll put Krsna first,” but then again, not everyone gets very old so this is the risk you take!  You may want to wait until you are 80 years old but then, what if you don’t make it until then.

So there is not much time, there is not much time at all and it must be in this lifetime – we are not going come back again; we have to go back to Godhead in this lifetime!

Shriji Maharaj’s ashes to be immersed in Yamuna

Vrindavan, 2017. 01.18 (VT): The Asthi Kalash Yatra of Nimbarkacharya Jagadguru Radha Sarveshvar Sharan Devacharya, (Shri ji Maharaj) will be taken out on Wednesday from Shriji Mandir in Vrindavan.
The funerary urns would be immersed in Yamuna at Keshi Ghat in the presence of hundreds of devotees and saints. The ‘Kalash’ was brought from Salemabad by Yuvacharya Shyam Sharan Dev Maharaj.DSCN9649

Shri Govardhan Sharan, the Manager at Shri ji Mandir of Vrindavan informed that the Yatra will begin at 2 p.m.
Shriji Maharaj passed away on 14th January, during the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti. Devotees expressed grief over the demise of the great Vaishnavacharya, who breathed his last at 9 a.m. at Kishangarh hospital, in Ajmer. His funeral was conducted in Salemabad.
Rajasthan Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje, condoled his death. Raje said, “Shriji Maharaj was famous not only in Nimbark Sampradays, but in the religious world. He strengthened social harmony and worked for the welfare of humanity. His death has created a void in the religious world”.
Born to Shri Ramnath ji Sharma Goud Indoria and Srimati Swarnalata, Jagat Guru Shri Radha Sarveshvar Sharan Devacharya – Shri Shriji Maharaj ascended as the Acharya of Salemabad’s Nimbarka Peeth on 5th June 1943, at the young age of 20 after passing away of his guru Shri Nimbarkacharya Shri Balakrishna Sharan Devacharya .

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